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Puppy Training

Four (4) individual lessons teaching you all you need to know about your brand new puppy. We demonstrate how to teach “come”, “sit”, “place”, “down” and “heel”. We also answer all your questions about feeding, potty training, socialization, manners, etc (Puppies must be under 5 months- sessions are 30 minutes)


Basic Obedience

Five (5) customizable individual lessons utilizing balanced training to teach your dog “come”, “sit”, “place”, “down” and “heel”. We also help with any unwanted behavior- jumping, nipping, etc. We tailor these lessons to you and your dogs needs. (Dogs over 5 months- lessons are 1 hour)


Advanced Lessons

Ten (10) customizable lessons, five go over the basics and the other five we work on various advanced skills, like Touch, Weave, Roll Over and Sit Pretty. Or Distance Obedience on and off leash (if safe). These are tailored to what you are hoping to get out of your companion. (Dogs over 5 months- lessons are 1 hour)


in home lessons

Five (5) customized training lessons all in the comfort of your home. Utilizing balanced training we teach your dogs the basics, as well as help with any unwanted behavior. (Dogs over 5 months, lessons are 1 hour)




Puppy Board & Train

Our Puppy Board and Train is a special program where your new little one will live with a trainer for 2 weeks. We potty train and crate condition, as well as start basic obedience, socialization and work on any bad manners. You receive daily updates and also see your pup on social media so you and your family can follow along. It’s a lot of work and starts a great foundation for your pups life! (Puppies under 5 months- 2 weeks)

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Basic Board & Train

Our one week Boot Camp is great for dogs that just need that little extra in their training. We work on all the basics as well as bad manners. Your dog lives with a trainer and is in training 24/7. You will receive daily updates and also see your dog on our social media so your whole family can follow along.  We also offer refreshers  that can be used within the year. (Dogs over 5 months- 1 week)

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Most Popular Board & Train

This is our most popular program. Our Two Week Board and Train is perfect for dogs that need all their basic obedience, plus help with anxiety issues. Your dog spends two weeks living with a trainer, cross training with our crew, socializing and pushed to obey commands with Distance, Distraction and Duration. Don’t worry, your dog won’t forget you and you will receive lots of communication along the way. (Dogs over 5 months- 2 weeks)

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Service Dog training

We work with veterans and first responders to train dogs to help give you a better quality life. This is an intense one month + program that elevates the training so your dog can go everywhere with you and be there for you in your time of need.  Call now to discuss details. (Dogs over 6 months- 1 month training)

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Above are just some brief descriptions of our many exciting training programs. We also offer Certification training for Canine Good Citizen and Therapy dog training too. Once your dogs training is done, we are still here for you! Ask about our special in home boarding for our dogs that complete our training packages.


Our Special three week+ program is for aggression, fear and extreme anxiety behavior modification. 

Brand new!!!
Bucks Dog training Day Dream Academy

We are proud to offer you a new style of training to fit your busy life. The Day train package is available in 1, 2 or 3 week programs, Mon-Fri.. Drop your dog off in the morning and pick them up after work.  We spend the day training and socializing your dog, and provide paperwork, videos and demos, so you can continue the training at home This package is for basic obedience training (not behavior modification). 

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